Hooeasy Electric Clothes Hanger washing machine won the 2018 US IDEA Design Award

Intelligent drying industry good news:

Recently, the winners of the US “IDEA Design Awards”, one of the world’s top three design awards, were officially announced. The Hooeasy smart washing machine glory H008 won the IDEA 2018 Finalist award for its stunning appearance and design concept.

This is another heavy design award won by Hooeasy intelligent washing machine after the German iF industrial design award and China Patent Design Excellence Award. Hooeasy intelligent washing machine became the only German iF industrial design award, the only one that won the Chinese patent design excellence. Award, the only smart washing machine brand that won the US IDEA Design Award. The “3 largest unique” in the design field has laid the foundation for Hooeasy’s absolute leading position in the field of intelligent air drying design.

IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) is one of the most prestigious and rigorous design competitions in the world. It was born in the United States in 1980 and co-organized by the American Industrial Design Association and Business Week magazine, and awarded by the American Industrial Design Association. The purpose of the award is to encourage business and the public to learn more about the impact of good industrial design on quality of life and the economy. IDEA and the same IF design award from Germany, Germany’s RedDot red dot award and the world’s three major industrial design awards, but also the “industrial design industry Oscar” awards.

IDEA’s judging criteria include design innovation, value to users, ecological principles, environmental friendliness, appropriate aesthetics, and visual appeal to select the best design. The jury chose us to win this IDEA 2018 Finalist award, indicating that the Hooeasy smart washing machine has amazing performance in terms of industrial aesthetics, quality control, product function and uniqueness, and innovation.

Nowadays, the era of consumption upgrading is coming to the fore. When people are no longer limited to meeting basic drying needs, but from “functional” to “quality”, products that focus on value and loyalty to quality meet people’s good life. Longing for. From hand-drying drying racks to today’s smart washing machines, from simple lifting to fast drying, from sterilization to laundry care, Hooeasy has been leading the industry in design.

Under the trend of aesthetic upgrading, Hooeasy insists on lighting up the life with design, and will strive to achieve a better life, and implement it in every product design, which not only allows the product to integrate into humanistic care, but also has a visual aesthetic and creates for consumers. A high quality, beautiful living experience. Based on this, Hooeasy spares no effort in patent and technology research and development. At present, there are more than 230 invention patents, and it is the only one in the industry to obtain 7 German patents.

At present, people’s consumption level is constantly improving, and the requirements for quality of life are gradually improving. The transformation and upgrading of consumer concepts has made more people pay attention to understanding the Hooeasy intelligent washing machine and use it as a new choice for home drying. Nowadays, Hooeasy glory H008 intelligent washing machine has entered many families who are pursuing high-quality life. The minimalist aesthetic design concept, exquisite and luxurious appearance, and ingenious craft quality guarantee meet people’s higher pursuit of beautiful drying life. .

In the future, Hooeasy will continue to insist on using design to change lives and let the smart and healthy lifestyles fit into the lives of every urbanite.

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