Hooeasy Electric Clothes Hanger won the “Top 500 Suppliers of China Real Estate Development Enterprises”

On March 21, the 2018 China Real Estate 500 assessment results conference was held in Beijing. The list of highly regarded evaluation results was released, and Hooeasy won the “Top 20 Suppliers of China Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2018” award. Adding another honor, Hooeasy’s achievements in the field of smart homes are once again recognized.

It is reported that since the launch of the China Real Estate Top 500 evaluation results in 2010, the series of awards comprehensively evaluate the enterprise from seven aspects: scale, profitability, growth, stability, financing ability, operational efficiency and social responsibility. Comprehensive strength. The evaluation results have become an important criterion for comprehensive evaluation of the comprehensive strength and industry status of real estate development enterprises, and have been praised as “Oscar” in the field of real estate and industrial chain.

As the leading brand in the washing machine industry, Hooeasy adheres to the “German Health Drying Technology” as the driving force to create a strong brand of German healthy clothes, starting from the roots of consumers’ health needs, and constantly improving the brand in terms of users. The status of the person.

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