Electric clothes dryer clothes rack

Craftsmanship drying, integrated molding

newly style Fuselage,fashionable appearance


  • Item Number: M1
  • Host size:1000*316*73mm
  • Whole machine size:1027*496*170mm
  • Color : white
  • Material: PP+Aviation Aluminum
  • Led light Power :20W
  • Tubular motor power: 133W
  • Voltage: 220V/110V
  • Rated Power:153W
  • The length of drop: 1.2M
  • Hanging rod : expansion rod, two rod
  • Length of rod: 1.2-2.2M
  • Loading Capacity : 30KGS
  • Lifting Power: 133W
  • Load Bearing: 30kg
  • Machine size: 1000*316*73mm
  • Packing Size: 1075*565*245mm
  • MOQ: 180



Ø Load-Bearing 30KG;
Ø 12W lighting lamp( lighting range 20㎡),saving energy.
Ø Four poles+six horizontal pole+ windproof hole, drying more clothes.
ØConnect the mihome app with phone easily, control laundry system anytime

For drying sock and baby clothes

Four poles+six horizontal pole+ windproof hole, drying more clothes

Load-Bearing 30KG

Humanized height adjustment systems: adjustment according to the height of user, more convenience to dry.
Adjustable hanging rod, it meet your demand for drying clothes every day.

Aluminum alloy X scissors holder, non rust and fade

Control Laundry System way

Remote control

Phone App control( suitable for some country)



Germany CARL JACOBI intelligent AC motor

Lasting output surging power

Equipped with high-end German CARL JACOBI motor, can speed up 10N.M large torque instantaneous, to achieve shocking 95% conversion efficiency and reducing energy consumption 65% with overload, overvoltage, overcurrent and other multiple protection.

Germany EUSUN TECH intelligent control system

Control numbers of high-end clothing care procedures

Germany EUSUN TECH R&D center is customized for Hooeasy, which integrates digital sensor technology without manual control, can be able to accurately export their own clothing care instructions, including air drying turning off automatically after 2 hours, light sterilization 20 minutes. Intelligent for clothes caring.

ADCDE ‘CORE’from German

Unparalleled smooth experience

The introduction of the Germany ADCDE “core” and perfect adaptation with CARL JACOBI motor and EUSUN TECH intelligent control system, could handle massive data within 0.01s, fast response to the command, bring smooth sense as experiencing sports car, improve security.