The 22nd Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show – Hooeasy Electric Clothes Hanger Point Stunning Exhibition Hall

The 22nd China International Kitchen & Bathroom Facilities Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The standard manufacturer of the washing machine industry, the German quality Hooeasy set up a luxury lineup, strong participation! (Hooeasy exclusive exhibition hall booth number: 2W004)

Hooeasy brings more high-end debuts to create a smart, high-end balcony feast for the tasters, and tastes the stylish balcony to showcase Hooeasy’s innovative products and strong strength to the customers. At the same time, the Hooeasy sales elite introduces the Hooeasy brand charm and caring service with professional and careful introduction.

A professional team empowerment channel

At the exhibition site, under the leadership of Mr. Liu Xueping, the sales director, the regional managers from East China and surrounding provinces were full of energy, professional and meticulous, on-site customer consultation, and successfully signed dozens of dealers.

In the first half of 2017, Hooeasy has set new heights in the number of specialty stores, promotions, and advertising. In 2017, we worked hard to realize the 3331 project, increased the advertising efforts, improved the overall service capability of the team, focused on key cities, and actively organized a number of offline large-scale marketing training activities to form an active marketing team to achieve mutual growth of dealers. Many of the customers who visited the site were infected by Hooeasy’s professional and development momentum, and they said that they would increase their support and make Hooeasy a regional benchmark brand.

Focus on coverage 2017 to strengthen the regional market

Based on channels, bigger and stronger, strong channels need strong support. Hooeasy’s current marketing team continuously improves service quality and level, improves terminal promotion capabilities, improves channel development capabilities, and focuses on key customer support. In addition to the high-altitude coverage of CCTV, Hooeasy continues to strengthen its support for high-speed rail, high-speed rail stations and key stores, making Hooeasy a hot selling brand with outstanding strategy, market focus and customer satisfaction.

In the washing machine industry, Hooeasy has a unique high-end temperament. In the future, Hooeasy will build a strong brand and channel in brand power, visual power, training, operation, promotion and communication.

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