The “Zhejiang Made” standard of the intelligent washing machine drafted by Hooeasy Smart Clothes Hanger was announced!

On September 7th, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Brand Construction Federation, Hooeasy was officially released as the “Made in Zhejiang” standard (T/ZZB 0507-2018), which was developed by the main drafting unit. Formally implemented on the 30th of the month.


“Zhejiang Manufacturing” is the first brand building proposed in Zhejiang Province, aiming to create the golden signboard of Zhejiang economy and the benchmark of “Made in China”. In accordance with the “advanced international and domestic first-class” Zhejiang manufacturing positioning, the release of this standard further regulates the development of the industry, and sets stricter requirements on the quality and inspection rules of intelligent washing machine products, which is conducive to promoting the industry’s “intelligence”. Create a level of improvement.

On April 19, 2018, the Zhejiang manufacturing standard “Smart Washer for Household and Similar Uses” was held at Hooeasy. With the active support and cooperation of relevant departments and units, it took four and a half months to complete the final formulation of the standard.

As the only leader unit of the industry standard and the main drafting unit of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard, Hooeasy has become the brand image of the advanced manufacturing industry in Zhejiang. In the future, Hooeasy will always adhere to the quality construction as the core, shape the industry benchmark enterprise, further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, assume the responsibility of leading the development of the industry, and play an active and important role in improving the development level of the intelligent washing machine industry!

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